On this page we will highlight any similarities and differences between our two schools. We will also come up with questions to ask one another in our Skype sessions.

Elkanah kids wear school uniform
Watch similar movies
School year (Sept - June vs. Jan - Dec)
Listen to similar music
Elkanah does not have a cafeteria, kids bring food from home
Wear similar clothes esp. brand names
Madison - education is free
Similar in age
Madison - no school sport until 7th grade
Cell phones not really allowed at school
Madison - more homework (2 hrs/day)
Music and cultural activities integral part of school curriculum
Madison - write exams; Elk - not until Grade 7
Go on regular outings (field trips)
Elk - 2 languages compulsory; Madison only English
Have beautiful IT centres (computer rooms)
Madison - many children use the yellow school bus; Elk - no such service
Hot summers in Michigan + Cape Town
Very cold winters with snow in Michigan (-15 deg C!!); Mild winters in Cape Town with no snow, only rain

Elk - two breaks for eating and playing; Madison 1 break for eating only


(Just an idea of the type of questions you might be asked...)

1. Do you take those yellow school buses to school?
2. What language other than English do you learn in class?
3. What do they offer for lunch at the cafeteria?
4. How much do meals cost in the cafeteria?
5 What musical instruments are offered?
6. At what age do you start formal examinations?
7. Do they have an exchange student programme?
8. Do they run any sort of recycling projects?
9. Do they have an IT room?
10. What are the current "crazes" in their school at the moment?
11. Do they have a class pet?
12. Does wearing plain clothes cause a lot of competition amongst students?
13. How big is Madison?
14. What is your cell (mobile) phone policy?
15. How many sports fields (if any) do you have?
16. Do you offer tennis?
17. How do you integrate the use of iPads and iPods etc. in class?
18. Do you have Science Expos (Fairs)? Tell us about them.
19. Do you go on outings and class camps?
20. How much homework do you get each day?
21. How do you get involved in sport before 7th Grade?
22. Is horse riding popular?
23.What other languages do you learn?
24.What is the cafeteria food like (tasty)?
25. What is your make-up and jewellery policy?
26. What do you do during detention?
27. Do you write cycle tests or exams?
28. Do you have subject teachers or class teachers only?
29. Do you have a Phys Ed uniform?

From Madison Middle School for Elkanah
1. What are your favorite music artists?
2. What is a typical lunch at school (what is
3. What are your favorite TV shows (satellite, cable)?
4. What are common names for children?
5. Popular car/bike brands?
6. What are the most popular sports to watch on TV?
7. Do you like wearing uniforms? What kind of clothes/shoes do you wear out of school?
8. What are typical electronics for kids? (ipods, phones, tablets, laptops, xbox 360, playstation, wii, etc.)
9. What do kids usually do after school?
10. Was the Royal Wedding a popular topic?
11. What are the most important holidays?
12. What kind of domestic animals do you have as pets?
13. What building materials are your houses made of?
14. What diseases are worrisome?
15. What type of transportation is used?
16. What months do you have different seasons? Do you have 4 seasons like we do?
17. What are your breaks during school like? Lunch? Recess? Teacher supervision? etc.
18. What wild life do you regularly see?
19. What types of vegetation do you have?
20. Is fishing an important part of your economy? What types of fish do you catch?
21. What is home life like? Two parents working? How many children? Jobs? Children have chores?
22. What are your favorite candies and snacks?
23. What kind of shoes do you where at school?
24. What kind of field trips do you take?
25. What types of national chain restaurants do you have?
26. Did anyone go to the World Cup Soccer games?
27. What 'crazes' do you have?
28. Is school Monday-Friday?